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Watch the movie Terraferma and answer the questions below

Questions on Terraferma

Answer questions as completely and as succinctly as possible. Please develop full and complete essays.

1. Discuss the theme of isolation in the film in its various manifestations. How does it play into the lives of Filippo, Giuletta and Ernesto. How does it affect Sara (Ethiopian woman) and Omar (her son) and her baby?

2. Discuss the three images of the crowded boats that the film depicts. How and why are they juxtaposed with/against each other? How do they serve as a motif for the theme of alienation?

3. What do the townspeople mean by the term, “law of the sea?” How does it affect their lives? How does it affect the film?

4. What have you learned about European immigration from having watched the film and from the class discussions?