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I believe in the 2nd amendment and having these rights. Please only bid if you are pro gun rights also. I would like the post done from that angle. No plagiarism, please. References and citations are mandatory!


The debate surrounding the Second Amendment right to bear arms has manifested in all branches of our government. After the recent school and movie theater shootings, U.S. President Barack Obama spoke on the Second Amendment. We also saw bills proposed by legislatures associated with Second Amendment interpretations. Courts have been line-drawing through law interpretation as well.

Let’s bring the debate into our class by exploring the following:

You are the sheriff of a county in a mountainous area. Local people have told you that a group of aspiring militia members are setting up a compound in the mountains, within your jurisdiction. Locals report that the militia’s stated purpose is to “keep America strong.” You also have intelligence indicating that there are firearms on the premises, including an unknown number of machine guns and handguns. To date, the militia members have not caused any problems for neighbors, although many of them are nervous. You are also aware of social media efforts to recruit participants with shared beliefs about keeping America strong, and you have seen an increase in traffic in the area.

For your main response, address the following:

  1. How might statements by the president on gun control influence your approach, if at all?
  2. What law or laws, enacted by the legislature, will you refer to in determining whether to take action and, if so, what action to take?
  3. What case or cases interpreting the law will you refer to in determining whether to take action and, if so, what action to take?
  4. What public policy influences do you think are in force to impact interpretation of the Second Amendment?
  5. What is your final decision based on the analysis of the branches of government and public policy?