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In the project, the students will be expected to combine their excel data-analysis skills to make a meaningful statement about a provided data-set. In their analysis, students will reference some of concepts and theory discussed during the semester. A 10 – 15-page paper (double – spaced) including graphics should be submitted which discusses a topic of the student’s choice and how the students’ arguments are supported in the data subsample provided by the instructor. The excel file containing all the operations should be submitted as well.

Please read the instruction file to know more about this project.

Here is more specific suggestion about the project: For the final project, please focus on something in particular. Recently, I know there were major political events in the Philippines. Maybe try to show on a line graph how these political events affected GDP, Inequality, health,education and so on. Please email me if you have something else in mind or you are unsure about your final topic for the project due next week.