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In this assignment we are asked to attend two networking professional event, and write up the process from planning to attending those two events. I would like to communicate with you to work on this assignment for the entire time since I already attended two events.

I will provide you the two events so you can proceed from there.

Below is the description and rubric. This assignment is extremely strict in terms of grading, so thanks if you could take time.

Assignment: Networking

As explained in the various assigned readings, networking is an essential element in building your professional brand and in marketing yourself. Learning to network requires planning, practice, and reflection. This assignment is designed to provide you with precisely that.

For this assignment, you must attend two professional events during the semester and attempt some type of networking while you’re there. You should follow the PERM method (Plan, Execute, Reflect, Modify) as explained in the PDF reading, “Introduction to Networking at Events.” Please follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

  1. Select three professional events to attend. There are a number of different professional events that can qualify for this assignment. Such events might include any of the following:
    1. Conferences, symposia, workshops, training sessions, speaking events, etc.
    2. Professional luncheons or dinners with at least 15 people in attendance.
    3. Employment-oriented events such as company information sessions, company presentations, or training sessions.
    4. Professional chapter meetings or events for professional organizations.
    5. Meet-up groups for professionals or targeted audiences.
    6. Certain university-sponsored events, particularly those that attract employers or professionals in addition to students.
    7. If you are unsure whether an event will count for the assignment, please email the instructor at least one week in advance of the event to request approval.
  2. Learn about the event and, if possible, who will be there prior to attending. Write out your networking goals, including the types and number of contacts you’ll make. Plan out a strategy of how you’ll accomplish your goals. Make pre-event connections if possible.
  3. Execute your strategy with the knowledge that you should be flexible in your approach. Remember that your goal is to connect and offer value to others. While you are at the event, please take a selfie/photograph of you with signage, a schedule, etc. to put into the final assignment report. (You can do this discreetly; it doesn’t have to be a glamour selfie.)
  4. Conduct any follow-up activities within 24 hours of the event.
  5. Reflect on your success and failures regarding the execution phase. What worked? What didn’t work as well as you had liked? What could you have done differently or better?
  6. Modify your approach in order to improve it for the next event.
  7. Write a report on your set of networking activities following the instructions below.

NOTE: During the semester, be sure to record pertinent information after each event so that your final assignment is easier to construct.


After conducting your networking activities, write up your results as follows:

  1. Cover Page: Name, Panther ID, Major, Minor, Certificate(s), Assignment Title
  2. Introduction: Discuss the purpose for Networking.
  3. For each of the three networking activities, complete the following:
    1. Event Information
      1. Name and Type of Event
      2. Date of Event
      3. Location of Event
      4. Sponsoring Organization
      5. Photograph/Image of you by the event signage, schedule, etc.
    2. Planning: What did you do to plan your networking activities? What were your goals?
    3. Execution: What did you end up doing during the networking experience? What successes and failures did you have? What were your follow-up activities?
    4. Reflection: How did you feel about those successes and failures? What did you learn that you could improve upon for the next event? What changes would you make to your behavior for the next event?
    5. Modification (only for Event 2): How did you change your planning or execution based on what you learned from the previous event?
  4. Synthesis and Summary: Discuss what you learned from this exercise. What did you learn about networking? What did you learn about yourself? Synthesize your learning from the various parts of the assignment and create a summary that you can review in the future.

By the due date shown on Canvas, submit the final assignment as a Word or PDF file (PDF is strongly preferred) with Times New Roman 12-point font, single-spaced (with spacing between sections and/or paragraphs as desired), appropriate headings and subheadings, and page numbering.

Grading Criteria:

  •  Directions were followed.
  •  Information is presented clearly.
  •  All sections/steps/parts are included.
  •  The included synthesis and summary are sensible.
  •  If used, charts, graphs, figures, and/or bullet points are used appropriately.
  •  Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  •  Proper formatting, appropriate page length to complete the assignment.
  •  No plagiarism, copying, or cheating.
  •  Note that “A” grades are for “outstanding” work, not for work that only meets minimum requirements.