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Let’s start by delving into the two main challenges: changing consumers’ behavior and rethinking the way products are made and delivered to customers. These are not only the most common hurdles companies face in bottom-of-the-pyramid markets, they’re also the most widely underestimated.

People resist new products for a variety of reasons, but the biggest is a reluctance to alter deeply ingrained mind-sets and routines. The greater the novelty, the greater the disruption, and people with limited means and limited product experience see extreme novelty in many products.

For example, consumers in sub-Saharan Africa have responded poorly to insecticide-treated bed nets, despite the technology’s simplicity and effectiveness in preventing malaria. Companies such as Sumitomo Chemical have had a tough time changing misconceptions about how malaria is transmitted and persuading consumers to hang and take down nets every day (apart from the inconvenience, the nets are hot to sleep under)” (Simanis & Duke, 2014, para 6).

Given what you have read in this article for week 8, how would you recommend the company market the insecticide-treated bed nets to this consumer group?

Simanis. E. & Duke, D. (2014, October). Profits at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Harvard Business Review [serial online]. 92(10):86.

Use at least one reference.