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Internet Assignment Description – For this assignment you will need to select a small or mid-sized company operating in South Florida or internationally (could be the company you currently work for or a company a family or friend works for) and answer the questions below for the selected company. This assignment needs to be single spaced Report presentation will count toward the assignment grade.

  • What is the name of the company and what are some of the company’s products and services?
  • Why did you choose this company for the assignment?
  • What is the name and position of the manager and/or owner who you interviewed for this assignment?
  • Who are the company executive officers?
    • Include an organizational chart.
  • Who is the company’s target market?
    • Discuss demographics, psychographic, geographic and behavioral variables.
  • Apply the Porters 5 Forces model to the company’s industry and indicate which factors are high and/or low and the interpretation of the factors.
    • (i.e. If you feel barriers to entry is high, explain your reasoning).
  • Develop a SWOT Analysis model for the company.
  • Apply the Product Life Cycle model to the company overall.
  • What is the company’s unique selling proposition? Discuss in detail.
  • What is the company’s sustainable competitive advantage? Discuss in detail.
  • You may include other information you feel is important for this assignment

Be sure to list all of your references used to complete this assignment.