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**Please assist with the following Discussion Question shown below. Please note that answer must be original, no longer than 3 paragraphs. I will CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM prior to final contract**

Please respond to all of the following:

  • Of the bad listening practices in Chapter 5, Section 2 of your eBook, identify the two bad listening practices you are guilty of most often. Why do you find that these are the ones you use most often?
  • Next, read Chapter 5, section 3 about “Improving Listening Competence.” What strategies could you apply to your listening challenges to improve your listening competence?
  • Given your personal career goals in Management, what listening skills do you think you will need to have and use in order to be successful? Why?

Reminder: to earn full points, quality responses are required, 100-150 words and a suggested word count for a substantive reply to classmates is at least 50-75 words. Proofread your work before posting. Do not attach.