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Directions:Find an article from reliable news sources (, USA Today, The New York Times, Las Vegas Sun, etc., or any other reputable national or local source). You may not use articles that were published before 1/1/19.Read the article and answer the questions below. Make sure you number each question as listed below to make grading easier. Your reflection must be a minimum of one-page Word document typed (double-spaced).Thank you.

Here is the Topic: Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Please find an article related to this topic)

  1. TOPIC of Article: (2-points)
  2. TITLE of Article: (2-points)
  3. SOURCE / Article Link: (2-points) — (make link works)
  4. WHO is this article about? (2-points)
  5. WHAT is this story about? (List at least four important facts from your article). (16-points)
  6. WHEN did this story take place? (2-points)
  7. WHERE is this event or issue occurring? (Specify city, country, region, etc.) (2-points)
  8. WHY is this story important? (4-points)
  9. CONNECT the article to a concept we discussed in HMD 401 and explain: (8-points)