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Student paper down below:

The leader sees things through the eyes of his followers. He puts himself in their shoes and helps them make their dreams come true. The leader does not say, “Get going!” Instead he says, “Let’s go!” and leads the way. He does not walk behind with a whip; he is out in front with a banner.” Wilfred Peterson

This course has been very eye opening for me, in my current role as a General Manager for McDonald’s they are lots of circumstances where ethics take a front seat, but there are many situations where ethics are not used at all. In the business we as leaders and managers are required to control costs above all else. We run short handed to reduce labor even though the sacrifice to customer service can be crippling not to mention the moral of the crew who work in a fast paced, high stress job often without enough help. We control food cost by weekly audits that I know are sometimes fudged or manipulated to produce the desired food over base percent. I have worked for organizations that are job scared and afraid to help someone develop for fear that they may be replaced. I constantly try to set the pace and the example for my restaurant, but the pressure to perform at the desired level is a huge desire as well. Moving forward my goal is to stay within the same organization that I am currently in but to change my role to HR. I have already let my owner operator know and we are currently working a plan to achieve this. Being HR is important to me because you can lead the change as well as hold others accountable for misbehavior. An example would be to work with the scheduling manager to make sure that staffing for the needs of the business instead of for the bottom line on the P&L. my theory behind this is that if you are adequately staffed then the sales will come, your drive thru which is roughly 70 to 75 % of your business will move much more efficiently. People will not be afraid to get in the line if its clear that the line is moving. Another example would be to do weekly inventory in your store, but end of the month will be done at another restaurant, this would force honesty and integrity if you knew another GM would be counting your restaurant.

Leading by example was, is, and always will be very core in my business beliefs and leadership style and I appreciated the rehit on it in this course. Whether it’s giving proper credit for accomplishments, acknowledging mistakes, or putting safety and quality first, great leaders exhibit integrity at all times. They do what’s right, even if that isn’t the best thing for the current project or even the bottom line. (Fries, 2018). Leading with values will also be very key for me. To create the why for your business, it’s imperative to understand and clearly define your values. This helps to create a much deeper sense of why you do what you do. (Piandes, 2017). It is important to list your values for what you expect as well as what will not be excepted, when you define your values then you can open up the table for conversation as well as explanation when the what and why have been explained I find it much easier to get your team on board with what it is you are trying to achieve. Often as a team we will have a “shift huddle” to lay down the expectations going into the peak, briefly discuss what has or has not been working positionally as well as amp everybody up and get them motivated to be customer obsessed and provide excellent customer service.

In my experience the Utilitarian approach works the best as this approach is designed to make the greatest good for the greatest number of people. (Editorial Board, 2015). Its also in my opinion the clearest road to get your team to follow you on as most can see the benefit without a ton of explaining. John Kotters’ eight-step change management is also a great way to empower change because of the laser focus on the people building or behind the change instead of just the change itself.