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Assignment Instructions

Choose a notable artist—one that you feel many members of the class are likely to recognize, and one that has a track record of at least five or so years of experience. Once you or your team have agreed on the artist, your assignment is to determine as much as you can about the revenue streams in which your artist is participating. Of course, you won’t be looking at their books and it will not be possible to quantify the exact size or value of some of these streams, but it is possible to figure out many of the revenue sources through online research. Looking back at the 42 revenue streams section of this lesson will be very helpful.

Below are questions that should help you determine which streams your artist is leveraging. Write a paper detailing your findings. For the streams in which your artist is involved, identify what form of revenue they should be expecting (i.e., mechanical royalty, performance royalty, sync fee, etc.). Estimate the approximate value of each revenue source, and how sizeable it is in the artist’s portfolio. While you may need to make some educated guesses, you can leverage resources such as the PRO databases, artists’ websites, Next Big Sound, YouTube, and more.

Questions to consider:

  • Does your artist write his/her songs/music/lyrics?
  • Is your artist registered with ASCAP/BMI or SESAC (or another international PRO)? You can use these services databases to determine where they are registered:
    • If yes, how big is his/her song catalog?
    • If yes, does he/she have a publisher or self-published?
  • Have any of these songs been licensed for use in TVs, movies, and/or ads?
  • Have any of these songs received significant commercial airplay?
  • Are these songs available as sheet music?
  • Has someone else recorded or released these songs as covers? Were they super-famous or did they sell a lot of records?
  • How many records has this artist released?
  • Have any of these records sold well?
  • Is the artist’s music available on iTunes? Amazon? Google Play? Spotify? Rhapsody? Pandora?
  • Does this artist tour? How much? Where?
  • Does this artist sell merchandise like t-shirts and posters?
  • Does this artist have a fan club? How much does it cost to join?
  • Does this artist do any fan funding projects?
  • Does this artist have a YouTube account? Is it popular?
  • Does this artist appear in video games?
  • Does this artist support a particular brand (e.g., perfume, clothing line, hot sauce, soda)?
  • Is there any other way that this artist might be making money off his/her compositions, recordings, performances, or brand?
  • What are the significant expenses the artist might be paying?