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Hello this is a a paper about a job listing a cover letter that you have to use rhetorical language in and a resume. So for the job listing do the child protective services as the company you want to be hired in. THE CPS should be in san diego and all their information is on the internet. Say that you want to be employed as a social worker check if they have any job listings you can look at another company in san diego california that is related to social work and children. For your background say that you worked at the ymca child resource services and at El cajon school district as extended day employee. For your education say that you went to mesa college in San Diego and that you already got your bachelors in social work from SDSU. For the name write Tara Cerner and phone 619-333-4567 and For the qualifications say that you are experienced with children and that you had some trainings. Also say that you speak spanish and english. For the other skills such as computer you can write anything. Also write that you volunteered at a non profit organization for children in San diego. You can find information all over the internet about these jobs. Also for the birthdate write 07.05.1995. Design it well and please with no grammar errors. It is not a hard paper just let me now if you need any more RIGHT information about places of work. Pay exact attention to the sample and the prompt please. Also there is two more documents that help you realize how to put things together. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to ask questions. I think I have provided all the information you need and if there is anything else I can provide please let me know. SO basically it is a job listing at the child protective services or any other company you find that is hiring social workers in san diego and is related to children. For work experience I told you Ymca anywhere in san diego and el cajon extended day for the duties there you can google it. And you can put any volunteer experience you like as long as it is related to kids. SO joblisting, coverletter, and resume.