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The forum discussion for the previous module required students to consider the self-managed team concept from the perspective of leadership. For this module, students will be expected to think about what is needed from the individual team members.

Students are to create forum posts for either of the alternatives listed below.

  1. Analyze yourself: Based on what’s been described in the lectures and readings about the ideal member of a self-managed team, do you feel you have what it takes to be effective team member? Why or why not? What do you perceive as your strengths, and what aspects of your mindset and behavior would need to be tweaked?
  2. Do you know anyone who you feel would flourish as a member of a self-managed team? If so, please describe this person, focusing on the characteristics which make that person a great team member.

Be sure to comment on at least one post by a fellow-student, too! Remember to be gracious when someone responds to your post – answer questions, or say something relevant to keep the conversation going.