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The project of the class is Intelligent Google Maps, Please help me design the production plan for the new product.

Intelligent google maps is a new product that combines intelligent voice technology with Google Maps. It focuses on people’s travel safety, and makes information search smarter and more efficient. It can meet the various needs of drivers, reduce the limitations of traditional mobile navigation, and minimize the multitasking phenomenon during driving.

Totally 2 pages. Please answer all questions, and mention the most important information / key information of each question. I will add some explanation by myself.


1. Identify the tools, techniques, and technologies used in the design of your production plan.

What tools/techniques were used in your design, such as quality function deployment, value stream mapping, and JIT? What technologies were used to support your design, such as concurrent engineering, computer-aided design, or value analysis?

2. Explain how you will integrate lean operations and lean services in your production plan.

Describe how you incorporated the concepts of lean operations and lean services in your design.

3. Discuss your considerations for sustainability to eliminate waste in each phase of your production plan.

Identify the considerations needed for the sustainability of your production line and what specific efforts can minimize waste; consider end-of-life programs and the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). Consider the phases of product design in your paper.

4. Discuss the legal, cultural, global, and human involvement needed to implement your production plan.

As it applies to your business opportunity, consider the legal, cultural, global, and human involvement needed in your design.