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Answer each question in its entirety and get every point.

Don’t copy the answer directly from readings and lectures. Use your own expression.

You should be able to answer all the questions base on materials I provide. Don’t use any outside resources.

Please contact me if you can’t find the answer from the materials. External materials can only be used if I authorize it.

Question 1

How does Tsing define “salvage” in the context of capitalism?

Question 2

Modern capitalists often argue that “salvage accumulation” (a la Heart of Darkness) is archaic and dead. Yet, Tsing argues that salvage accumulation is not, in fact, dead. What example does she use to show this?

Question 3

So if we assume, as Tsing argues, that “salvage accumulation” is still alive and well in capitalism, then it follows that this salvage accumulation is best achieved through translation by middle men. How is this translation achieved by middlemen in the matsutake mushroom trade? Use examples provided by Tsing.