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You are a project manager for Simico Industries.While digging the foundation for the world’s tallest building, one of Simico’s construction crews unearthed what appears to be artifacts from a previous culture.A public outcry ensued.As the picket lines, representing various “natural earth” and “cultural preservation” societies, continues to grow, regulatory agencies begin to put pressure on Simico to “do the right thing.” Fearing the destruction of the historical site, and therefore, the loss of its secrets, the state finally mandates that Simico hire a team of researchers to investigate.Management wants to know if these artifacts are truly evidence of a lost civilization; and if so, what the impacts might be.

Your boss informs you that not only are you in charge of “getting this issue cleared up,” but that Simico will only hire one researcher to do the job. The applicant’s list is made up of Dr. Hard F. Acts, a scientist, Dr. Arts N. Crafts, a humanist, and Dr. Middle Ground, a social scientist.Each researcher has a unique perspective on how to conduct the investigation of the historical site, but you can only hire one for the job.

Please write an essay that identifies the researcher you will hire and be sure to justify your choice. In this case, it would be helpful for you to discuss the “world view,” “bottomline” and “approach” that each of the candidates would pursue in conducting this research. Which approach seems most justified given the specifics of this project?It would also be helpful if you could identify and discuss the various tests that we would use to “test” the validity of the candidate’s work. How are these tests appropriate given the specifics of this project?

A word of caution: Be unbiased in your choice.Don’t get “hung up” or “concerned” with what Simico might want or how the candidate might best fit Simico’s agenda. Given the research task at hand, focus on the candidate that you think is best fitted to the research task. Your task is to identify the researcher with the ability to best answer the question “Is this evidence of a lost civilization?”