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IG Benefits to Industry or Sector

Consider that IG infiltrates most industries. Choose one area that is of interest to you.

(Some examples may be government, higher education, financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agriculture)

  • Provide a short essay discussing the potential benefits of IG to this industry or sector.
  • Minimum word count = 500 words.
  • Minimum cited references = 1 (formatted in APA format)

Task2: According to Smallwood (2014): Information Governance (IG) is a subset of overall corporate governance & includes how an organization:

  • Maintains security
  • Complies with regulations
  • Complies with laws
  • Meets ethical standards when managing info

(a) Define IT governance.

(b) Define data governance.

(c) Discuss the role of IT governance and data governance as subsets of IG.